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Know any good Audi mechanics in mid/north NJ ??

I usually take my car to the dealer.  I had a 1987 4000CSQ and always
took it to the dealer.  I'm not 100% happy with them although I think
the one in Flemington is the most reasonable.  Now I have a new Audi
so I got free maintenance and service.

   Date: Mon, 7 Dec 92 13:21:46 EST
   From: tcheung@gandalf.rutgers.edu (Tak Cheung)
   Content-Length: 776

   To all those Audi owners in NJ, any recommendations for Audi
   mechanics ??

   I live in Maplewood/Short Hills area but work near New Brunswick so
   anywhere around those places are fine.

   There is a local dealer in Maplewood, Essex Sports Cars, they are
   OK albeit Dealer expensive.  So if you have names of independent
   garages that do great jobs on Audis, please email me or post.

   I used to take my VW to a shop at Rutherford (sp?) called R&A
   Applied Arts, they are not cheap but the guy knows his stuff.  I
   guess he would do Audis too for the right price.

   Anyway, now that I've rambled on, back to the question at hand,
   does anyone know about good Audi mechanics ??  Hey, AT&T, Bell Lab
   people, you guys must own lots of Audis, where do you service them

						   Tak Cheung