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I hear and feel a loud click at the left front wheel of my '85  5000 Turbo
from time to time when I make turns. I was told by a mechanic that the outer
CV-joints is likely to have gone bad. Calling to around to check prices, 
I found that I could get the outer joint for 179 U.S dollars lowest price.
One place offers the complete driver's side axle shaft for $180, rebuilt
with one year warranty. Called Kragen Auto. They have this axle shaft for
238 US dollars, plus $55 refundable core charge, with two year warranty.
A friend of mine is a car dealer. He mentioned something about being
able to get parts for me at wholesale price. Does anyone have
any recommendation regarding this matter ? Thanks in advance.

I asked this before, but I'll ask again. The round knob on the side
of the driver's electric seat can move the seat up or down, but not 
forward or backward. Has anyone experience this problem ?