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Re: CV-joints

Hien Pham x7669 writes:
> I hear and feel a loud click at the left front wheel of my '85  5000 Turbo
> from time to time when I make turns. I was told by a mechanic that the outer
> CV-joints is likely to have gone bad.

Actually, it's probably not the CV joints.  Many Audis make a click
noise in the front while making a sharp turn going slowly either
forward or reverse, but with no other apparent ill effect.  Apparently
the noise is simply the front suspension springs readjusting themselves
in the perches.  If your CV joint is shot, it will make a lot more
noise than just a single click now and then.

> I asked this before, but I'll ask again. The round knob on the side
> of the driver's electric seat can move the seat up or down, but not 
> forward or backward. Has anyone experience this problem ?

Perhaps the motor that moves the seat forward/backward is bad?
It might also be the switch itself.  Does your seat move forward
and backward when you use the seat memory feature to change
settings?  If it does, then the motor is fine.  If you really want
debug this, you should get yourself a copy of the Robert Bentley
factory service manual for the 1984-1987 Audi 5000/Turbo/Quattro
and look at the wiring diagrams.  There is also a chapter on
the seat assembly, motors, etc.  The book is expensive (about
$120) but will quickly pay for itself in savings if you plan to
service the car yourself.

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