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Re: CV-joints

> If you really want
> debug this, you should get yourself a copy of the Robert Bentley
> factory service manual for the 1984-1987 Audi 5000/Turbo/Quattro
> and look at the wiring diagrams.  There is also a chapter on
> the seat assembly, motors, etc.  The book is expensive (about
> $120) but will quickly pay for itself in savings if you plan to
> service the car yourself.
> -Ti
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Hello Ti, et. all,

Thanks for saving me tons of bucks on the subject of CV joints.
About the Bently books, there is one set in a local store for
154 dollars. I was so tempted to buy it. Does anyone know how
to get this set fo a cheaper price. I bought the Bosch book
on fuel injection system per someone's recommendation for $34.
Will read it tonight.