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Re: Tire pressures (was Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoveries)

> >Good point!  Actually, I go for the recommended pressures of 32 psi, but I
> >may bump it to 34.  (I am seeing a little more wear on the outer fronts, but
> >we all know that is from hard cornering!) :-)
> I own a 1986 4000CS and the recommended tires pressures is clearly
> marked on the gas plate to be 25psi-28psi depending on the load....
> am I getting it wrong....

That's maybe what it says (too lazy to go look), but mine handles much more
crisply at higher pressures (32-34).  But what you should run is a function
of desired handling, ride, the tires, roads you drive over and kind of driving.

I think that Audi did an exceptionally nice job with the suspension in the 
4000's, and they tolerate the higher pressures without getting annoyingly


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