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Help! Dealer woes . . .

Hi all.
I made the mistake of trusting the dealer to put in the timing belt for my
car. It's an 87 5000S. (2.2 inline 5 non-turbo) After I got it back, the
engine makes a 'little crying sound' that is dependent on revs as engine
slows down to around 1900 revs. This happen onlys after engine is warmed
up. The "wah wah wah" sound seems to be coming from under timing belt
cover. Reproduceable by revving engine and letting revs fall to idle. 
BTW I found a 1" washer next to radiator cover kindly left by mechanic. At
least now I have a part to talk to repair department about and not just my
vouching for the noise. I have put around 40 miles on the engine. Mostly
city driving.

Have I damaged anything?

Can the new Accesory belts they put on be re-used or will they have to put
on new belts once they re-open the timing belt cover. (belts come off in
order to remove cover, right?)

Any help is much appreciated. The car goes back in tomorrow morning so any
replies I can get tonight will be helpful in talking to service dept.

BTW. I made the appointment for tomorrow because they had botched up the
alignment job. Didn't pull to right before but does now. Car has a little
'wander-lust' so I figured the summer tires messed up alignment.
Ernest Wong