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Re: Re[2]: Fuel economy (was Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoverie

>>I thought the most 'efficient' use of the engine was to shift up to the
>                     ^^^^^^^^^
>>next gear so that the engine will be at its torque peak. Is this my
>That is the way to get the most _acceleration_, not the most _efficiency_.
>You get the most efficiency (i.e., lowest fuel consumption) by accelerating 
>with a wide open throttle and shifting as soon as your rpm is high enough that 
>the engine will not lug in the next gear.
[stuff deleted]

>86 5000S

Is wide open throttle on the 2.2 inline 5 acheived when pedal is mashed to
the floor? The pedal gets into a 'harder' zone when about 80% max. Think it
engages a switch at the throttle cam at that point. Is that fuel enrichment
always wondered . . .
Ernest Wong