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Re: Re[2]: Fuel economy (was Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoverie

> Is wide open throttle on the 2.2 inline 5 acheived when pedal is mashed to
> the floor? The pedal gets into a 'harder' zone when about 80% max. Think it
> engages a switch at the throttle cam at that point. Is that fuel enrichment
> switch?

There is a wide open throttle switch, but it gets activated just then -
wide open.  It triggers an open-loop enriched mode in the EFI.  This is 
typical of many EFI's, including that used on the Audi.

The extra heft at 80% is probably just the way the linkage and return springs
in the accelerator are set up.

> always wondered . . .
> Ernest Wong
> esw5@cornell.edu


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