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Re: Re[2]: Fuel economy (was Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoverie

> the other thing is the "M" switch that is available on some cars.  in

> the EPA tests are so flawed that this doesn't even matter.  e.g. want to
> get a really good hiway number?  gear the car astronomically high in top.
> does the EPA take into account the % of time the car can actually *use*
> the hyperdrive top gear?  nope.  that's why some of those 6 speed muscle
> cars such as corvettes and vipers have such BS EPA numbers..
> the 6th gear is largely to sidestep fuel economy requirements.

All true.  Remember that the EPA tests are really designed to sample emissions,
and that the mileage calculation was a by-product.  Also, as you and the 
previous poster imply, the auto manufacturers literally design "features" into
the car to help them do well in these tests, since the tests are the basis for
measuring their compliance with regulations. This all may seem illogical, but
if you think about it, it's really not from the perspective of the auto 
manufacturer, who is trying to balance out the demands of the market, 
stockholders, and the regulaters.  Given the "rules" defined by those and other
constituencies, they work the equation to their benefit.  The effect to us is
sometimes what seems to be totally bizarre engineering.

> eliot


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