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Re: Re[2]: Fuel economy (was Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoverie

The non-turbo fives use a two-stage throttle-body. The increase in throttle
resistance you feel at ~80% of WOT is the second throttle valve's return
spring in addition to the primary throttle valve's spring. The mixture-
enrichment switch is contacted at about the same point, though I don't
think you can feel the resistance of the switch, just the second throttle
valve spring. WOT is achieved with the pedal "mashed to the floor", assuming
that the throttle cable is properly adjusted. These cable do stretch over
time and need to be adjusted periodically. Easy to do, have a helper 
"mash the throttle to the floor" and verify that the secondary throttle
is open all the way by manipulating the linkage at the throttle-body.
Adjust the cable as required by moving the little adjustment clip to remove
and slack or play in the cable/linkage. No tools required!