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Re: Brake warning light, wipers, Delco sucks

<5000S brake warning light that comes on and beeps....
 My father's 84 5000S does the same thing, except his never shuts off.  When
 the car is started, it remains quiet for a while, waiting for him.  After
 driving for a while, the brake light comes on intermittently and beeps and
 flashes it's little heart out.  It's only a minor annoyance, as he has
 resolved to "live with it", but I want to fix it.  Anyone???

        car: 84 5000S, 5-cly, non-turbo, etc.
            125k miles,  brakes have been checked and rechecked, fluid level
          is fine, and he has been driving it in this state for about a year
           with no complaints about losing brakes.