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Re: your mail

> On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:
> > When I start off in first gear, and dog it a little bit (take it below a
> > normal idle) I hear this AWFUL tinfoil type rattle. Im sure it is the 
> > heat shield around the exhaust, but I cant find where! I have been under
> > it twice and banged, rattled, hit etc... cant find anything! Any areas I
> > should look at?
> > THanks
> The noise that you mention is almost always the cat. converter heat 
> shield.  Since the cats get so hot, most manufaturers put a vented metal 
> heat shield over it.  Years go by, and the shield will invariably start 
> to rattle.  Check the cats.(meow)

On my '87 5000s, I finally traced the noise to the heat shield around the
downpipe ... the spot-welds had broken loose and it rattled at idle after
the engine had warmed up.

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