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Re: your mail

> I agree that Competition Unlimited was very helpful and that the high
> power 9004's they sell with their wiring harnesses are an improvement.
> Now, lemme tell ya 'bout my experience with the lights themselves (not the
> company).  The high wattage lights burn up sockets.  The stock sockets
> are  TOTALLY INCAPABLE of handling the high power sockets.  The heavy duty
> sockets provided as part of the wiring harness are an improvement but the
> (they - not the :-( ) still burn up.  From what I observed, the ground 
> connection in the socket routinely makes a poor connection and overheats.
> This melt plastic and leads to a real mess along with lights that barely
> glow at all.

Talk about timing!  Driving home from work late last night (I'm in the tax
business ... arrgh!), I noticed my right front headlight was sort of dim and
the high-beam indicator on the dash was partially lit.  Upon inspection, I
discovered the socket was discolored and burned around the ground lead and
wiggling it a bit caused it the light to get brighter.  Yes, I installed a
pair of these bulbs two years ago, before they offered a wiring harness or
heavy-duty sockets ... guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

BTW, I found them to be a little bit brighter than stock but decided they
weren't worth a $30 premium over a pair of standard 9004 bulbs and didn't
bother putting them in my other three Audis.  That said, has anyone tried
installing a set of driving lights in the lower grill on the 5000/100 ala
the Bosch kit Audi offered for the 4000 back in the mid-80s?  I've thought
about doing this for a while now and would appreciate feedback from anyone
who's already done it (make/model of lights used, etc.).  I don't like the
look of external driving lights hanging off the bumper and will install a
set only if they can be "hidden" in the grill or some such...

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