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Re:Your mail

When I put a third brakelight in my (her, whatever) '84 5kS, the bulb monitor
came on the first time I hit the brakes.  I didn't care at first, because this
was after the low washer fluid light, the worn out brake pads light, the low
coolant light, and the low hydraulic/brake fluid lights were all flashing.
 That car was damn annoying to drive at night...  Anyhow, when I got my Quattro
and decided to give the '84 to her, I fixed all that stuff (no fun like puting
a new Rack & Pinion in a 5000!) so none of those old lights came on.  Exept the
bulb monitor.  The monitor is located in the trunk, under the left speaker,
behind the carpet, on the fender wall.  I hooked the third tailight up to the
brakelight lead BEFORE it entered the monitor.  It may take some experimenting,
but once you find the headlight lead on this monitor, just hook a lead from it
before the monitor and wire it to a relay.  No problems with the monitor!  Of
course, YMMV.

87 5000CS TQ