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Re: weight

Not sure I would agree that reducing weight is the cheapest way to improve
your performance of the audi....  When you have computer and/or turbo/engine
mods that are in the 10.00/hp range, increasing the performance of your car
is a lot cheaper...  Checking into the q's you look at the biggest items to
delete (most realistic): the recaros and the flywheel and the body parts
(fibre fenders hood etc).  Not one of those items will give you enough weight
savings to justify the expense of that savings vs. taking weight as a given
and adding ponies, not just thinkin, I looked....  Even on the suspension
side this argument would not hold water...  In theory he's right on, in
practice on the audis, forget it...  BTW, gvwr is not curb weight, that's
what graydon posted....  Forget weight down, go for power up....

87 5ktqRS2   350hp    ~10lbs/hp  (M3 = 13.0/hp)