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Re: weight

On Sat, 8 Apr 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Not sure I would agree that reducing weight is the cheapest way to improve
> your performance of the audi....  When you have computer and/or turbo/engine
> mods that are in the 10.00/hp range, increasing the performance of your car
> is a lot cheaper...  Checking into the q's you look at the biggest items to
> delete (most realistic): the recaros and the flywheel and the body parts
> (fibre fenders hood etc).  Not one of those items will give you enough weight

Colin Chapman's theory was right, but only holds true for design, not 
redesign.  As previously stated, the Lotus has a high hp/# ratio, but no 
heater, no a/c etc.. by design.  We certainly arent going to take out our 
heater cores or a/c's.  The lotus 7 was aluminum from the factory, my 
guess cheaper to do than taking ours off and finding aluminum ones to put 
So I guess Colin was right, but only while the car was being made. It's 
too late for us.  :)


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