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Re: weight

> Not sure I would agree that reducing weight is the cheapest way to improve
> your performance of the audi.  When you have computer and/or turbo/engine
> mods that are in the 10.00/hp range, increasing the performance of your
> car is a lot cheaper...

Yes and no ...while $10/hp is relatively cheap, the fact is a lot of weight
can be removed at no cost whatsoever.  Of course, if you're looking to keep
all the creature comforts that came with the car, you've got a point but if
you're talking about a weekends-only play car then I respectfully disagree. 

Heck, just running a full tank of gas instead of a few gallons can add more
than 100 pounds and by shopping carefully when you replace wheels and tires,
it's possible to save another 30 pounds ... a smaller battery is good for a
further 10 pound savings, plastic horns another 2 or 3, and if you can dump
the a/c, there's another 100 to 125 pounds saved, easy.

I've done most of the above to my car and it didn't cost me a thing since I
was already replacing broken parts ... if anything, they probably cost less
than an OEM replacement so you could legimately say that I even saved money
as well as weight!  When my (increasingly) noisy radiator fan motor dies, I
intend to replace both it and the OEM shroud with an aftermarket unit and I
will not only save money but yet another 10 pounds or so... 

> 87 5ktqRS2   350hp    ~10lbs/hp  (M3 = 13.0/hp)