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Re: honda susp

Just helped my brother modify his susp on his 87 accord....  Will agree that
hondas front susp is a better design (the new audis have basically the same),
but the multi link rear on the q's is by far better than the honda rear...
 And given that the roll center on the mcpherson front on the q's is
extremely good...  The potential on the audi (even stock) is better...  Does
the goofy roll center and track on the rear of the q's offset the front,
son't think so...  And put to a track test or road tes, your seat of the
pants theory will not hold...  If potholes are handled better with the honda
(with inches less wheel travel than the q), then you need to "shock" the audi
b4 comparing again...  hondas are interesting animals, both my brothers love
theirs, but neither one brags about the handling (and the one with the susp
mods is having all sorts of engineering problems), and certainly not after
driving my q's.....