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Re: sorry for the delay

>Eric, I apoligize for the lengthy response time on this one. I'll try not 
>to let it happen again. 
>Anyway, I never had problems with the head bolts, I just never WANTED to 
>have problems. So, I installed Raceware and never thought about it, I was 
>told that it was a wise precaution. It can't hurt. Also, what kind of 
>intercooler problems were you having? I have run 22psi of boost and have 
>yet to see a problem with anything, let alone the intercooler. What's up?
>You also mentioned a new source for brakes. I am very interested to hear 
>about this one. Any details you can spare at this time would be greatly 
>appreciated. Thanks for listening.

Quite alright!  I've been VERY busy with bizzyness.

Once again as always the engines on the Audi are way overbuilt, The head 
bolts are huge for a 2.2L turbo motor.  Bigger than a Chebby bolt!  As 
for the Intercooler Problems, there more of inconvience than a problem,  
Running 18psi day in and day out and the pressure spikes associated with 
it, tends to strech the crimps on the Intercooler and can cause "Minor" 
Leaks!!  How long have you run 22psi? If it was only for a day or two you 
prolly would not see the problem.

As for the Brakes... I'll let everyone know in due time.  Sorry, but I've 
got some interesting things going and I need to do some test's before I 
announce the kit.  When It's right I'll let everyone know.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com