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Re: sorry for the delay

 On Wed, 15 Nov 1995 STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> >Eric, I apoligize for the lengthy response time on this one. I'll try not 
> >to let it happen again. 
> >
> >Anyway, I never had problems with the head bolts, I just never WANTED to 
> >have problems. So, I installed Raceware and never thought about it, I was 
> >told that it was a wise precaution. It can't hurt. Also, what kind of 
> >intercooler problems were you having? I have run 22psi of boost and have 
> >yet to see a problem with anything, let alone the intercooler. What's up?
> >
> >You also mentioned a new source for brakes. I am very interested to hear 
> >about this one. Any details you can spare at this time would be greatly 
> >appreciated. Thanks for listening.
> Quite alright!  I've been VERY busy with bizzyness.
> Once again as always the engines on the Audi are way overbuilt, The head 
> bolts are huge for a 2.2L turbo motor.  Bigger than a Chebby bolt!  As 
> for the Intercooler Problems, there more of inconvience than a problem,  
> Running 18psi day in and day out and the pressure spikes associated with 
> it, tends to strech the crimps on the Intercooler and can cause "Minor" 
> Leaks!!  How long have you run 22psi? If it was only for a day or two you 
> prolly would not see the problem.
> As for the Brakes... I'll let everyone know in due time.  Sorry, but I've 
> got some interesting things going and I need to do some test's before I 
> announce the kit.  When It's right I'll let everyone know.
> Later!
> Eric Fletcher
> STEADI RIC@aol.com
I can't wait to see what you got brewin'!

83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ