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AWD 4-Door Sedans

I have an AMC Eagle with AWD and a friend told me I can put a turbo from an
Audi into it and then it should be able to win its class at the Pike's Peak
hillclimb next year.  I'm a novice at this sort of thing but it sounds like
lots of fun.  This car is certainly nicer to drive than the old 4x4 truck I
had for several years and with all that extra traction, it goes much better
than the Pacer and Gremlin I drove when I was going to taxidermy school.

I've already bought a helmet and some white shoe polish for the numbers but
I'm having a hard time deciding which Audi turbo is best for my car.  I saw
this list was about Audi Quattros so I thought maybe somebody could give me
an answer and help me save some time and money (Gee, this racing stuff is a
big drain on the old checkbook ... I've already spent $45 and figure I'm in
for at least another $500, perhaps more if I have my computer modified so I
can get more HP.  Never can have too much power, right?).  I found some 16"
wheels from a pickup that fit so I can use racing tires but the guys at the
local tire shop don't have any good used ones in stock yet.  My friend Elmo
is going to help me put in a rollbar and is scouring the local scrapyard to  
find me some tubing with the right bends in it; if he strikes out, I have a
neighbor down the way who said I can borrow some from his kids' swingset as
they don't seem to use it very much now that they've got their licenses and

Anyway, thanks for your help with this.  It's hunting season right now so I
am fairly busy at work but once that's over with, I plan to start on my car
immediately.  Oh, yeah, before I forget: I've borrowed this account from my
city-slicker cousin -- I don't have a computer yet; still waiting for a 286
at a decent price -- so if you respond, make sure you let him know it's for
me and not him.  He's promised to forward everything to me.  Long-live AMC!

Joe-Bob Worthington
Hashman's Hollow, Ark.