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Re: AWD 4-Door Sedans

On Sat, 23 Dec 1995 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> I have an AMC Eagle with AWD and a friend told me I can put a turbo from an
> Audi into it and then it should be able to win its class at the Pike's Peak
> hillclimb next year.  I'm a novice at this sort of thing but it sounds like
> lots of fun.  This car is certainly nicer to drive than the old 4x4 truck I
> had for several years and with all that extra traction, it goes much better
> than the Pacer and Gremlin I drove when I was going to taxidermy school.

Coupla things to keep in mind on your racing endeavors...
1)Im assuming you already have the confederate flag painted on the hood. 
If not, do it. Its quite the statement.

2) Rule of thumb: The higher the vehicle, the better it is.  I know a set 
of hi-jak air shocks in the rear will fit. They fit my hi-po pacer wagon 
years ago.

3) If you mount the radiater further back, you have less chance of 
puncturing it during the demo-derby. (I learned this the hard way on the 
ol' rally vega)

If you have any other tips for us let us know. Its always a challenge 
driving your race car on the streets. Good luck!


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