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Re: AWD 4-Door Sedans

On Sat, 23 Dec 1995 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> I have an AMC Eagle with AWD and a friend told me I can put a turbo from an
> Audi into it and then it should be able to win its class at the Pike's Peak

Awesome car dude!  I don't know about them Awdi turbos, but I think that 
with AWD, the Eagle would have a good chance at winning.  You know what 
they say, "It's all in the driver."

> lots of fun.  This car is certainly nicer to drive than the old 4x4 truck I
> had for several years and with all that extra traction, it goes much better
> than the Pacer and Gremlin I drove when I was going to taxidermy school.

Yeah, I have a 4X4 Truck.  It also has some gremlins.

> big drain on the old checkbook ... I've already spent $45 and figure I'm in
> for at least another $500, perhaps more if I have my computer modified so I
> can get more HP.  Never can have too much power, right?).  I found some 16"
> wheels from a pickup that fit so I can use racing tires but the guys at the

You sure them are 16s?  I never heard o' that before.

> local tire shop don't have any good used ones in stock yet.  My friend Elmo

Hey, I got a friend named Elmo.  Well, at least he was my friend before I 
shot his dog.  P***** on my truck, you know?

	Your friend Elmo have a gimp leg from Iowa?

> immediately.  Oh, yeah, before I forget: I've borrowed this account from my
> city-slicker cousin -- I don't have a computer yet; still waiting for a 286
> at a decent price -- so if you respond, make sure you let him know it's for
> me and not him.  He's promised to forward everything to me.  Long-live AMC!

Hey some guy named Bob just traded me a mint 286 for a dogsled.  I couldn't 
believe it.  Some kinda intelectial guy from the university.  Drove one 
o' them ferrin cars.

Tiny Hollow, WV