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91 200TQS Sale/Fog lights

Fellow Audians; spent Easter in SeaWA with friends and relatives. Univ. Audi had 
a Pearl '91 200TQS w/ 73K mi, asking $16,999. Looked to be in good shape (no 
obvious defects) but I did not drive it. Disclaimers, etc. Of interest to those 
looking for more light, it had Bosch fog lights in the grill below the bumper. 
They fit perfectly and looked factory. Went to the parts dept and asked; the guy 
came out to the lot w/ me; we got on our knees (proper homage to the Audi gods) 
and took some notes. He eventually produced 2 very dusty boxes - 1) a bracket 
kit ZAW 123 023 for installation of 2) Autobahn fog lights ZVW 123 001. The 
Parts Book quoted a total price in the $150 range but he gave me everything for 
$115 'cause they had been there forever. The instuctions claim the kit is for 
Audi 100 8/88 > and Audi 5000 S 8/84 > 12/87 and if I've read them correctly, 
the fogs work off of the low beam lead - I would like them to work indpendantly 
- any ideas? Second, I would like to using the exiting fog light switch that 
currently controls my rear fog lights. Can this switch run both? TIA for your 
collective help. Greg