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Re: 91 200TQS Sale/Fog lights

The question about running the fog lights independently, meaning 
different from running off the low beam leads, I think I can answer.  
About a year ago, my dad and I went looking at some 5000 CSTQ's in 
Denver( the Quattro capital of the U.S.) and we ran into an '87 and an 
'86.  The '87 had the fog lights that you, the Bosch kind right?, and 
they were wired into the dash via a switch that looks similar to the 
switches that are in the newer Audi's that control the rear and front fog 
lights.  I never got the jist of whether or not the fog lights were a 
factory or dealer installed option, but the switch sure looked factory.  
I don't know if that helps much, but it might pay to ask around.

'86 5000CS Turbo
'91 200 Q