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Re: 91 200TQS Sale/Fog lights

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996 gregsj@minimall.imm.com wrote:

> Fellow Audians; spent Easter in SeaWA with friends and relatives. Univ. Audi had 
> a Pearl '91 200TQS w/ 73K mi, asking $16,999. Looked to be in good shape (no 
> obvious defects) but I did not drive it. 

I was there a month ago and it was there.  I was there today and it was 
there still.  Its got the UFO brakes, BTW.  Also, that thread on the blue 
"RS2" 90 sedan was there.  It had been broken into, front pasenger window 
shattered, radio riped out.  Its got 17" AZEV's with the 4 rings on it.  
Are these RS2 wheels?  It does not have the 968 CS brakes on it, and I 
don't think its got the suspension either.  It does have the interior.  I 
got a kick out of the blue leather and the shift knob with the brushed 
aluminum cap, but my friend didn't like it too much.  The badges do say 
RS2 Porsche on them.  They also have an '85 4000s with 52k on the clock, 
but its got a slush, and the driver wasn't very good.  There are dings 
EVERYWHERE.  They also have an '85 coupe GT with 70 someod k miles on 
it.  Also with a slush, but in PERFECT condition.  Who drove, or didn't 
drive these cars?  50 or 70 k in 11 years?  My dad never drives his car 
and it managed 100k in 11 years.  I wish one was a quattro, I'd buy it in 
a heartbeat.