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White smoke from exaust - Was Oil light intermittent aft 1300

your mailer bounced it back... so reposting it again....

Hi Michael
	Hummm... charged the filter and added a quart of Mobile 1 before
starting ... didn't change the oil though...... the filter was a Fram
from the local Target.... has been using Fram since I got the car 15,000
miles ago..... changed it every 3,000 when I used minerial oil... the
last oil change was to Mobil 1..... and so I left it there for twice the
oil interval.... topping up with oil every 2000 mile or so .... maybe
that was the problem.....

	Will be following your advice and do an oil change to Mobil !
and Fram filter..... cross my fingers......  and hope the white smoke
from my exhaust will "die" down.....  :)


PS : What does YMMV means????

>>Dunno if this would be the same or not, but over Christmas I drove from D.C. 
>>Iowa City, about 1,200 miles (VIA Detroit, to drop off a friend.)  While in
>>Iowa, I had my oil changed at Jiffy-Lube (no time to go anywhere else.)  Car
>>was fine for the rest of the time in Iowa, and back to Detroit.  When I was
>>almost home (about 1,300 miles later) my oil light started coming on
>>intermittently.  I checked the oil, level was fine.  Kept on doing this for
>>about a week around town, so I got fed up and changed the oil again myself.
>> Used a NAPA filter (made by WIX), and NAPA oil (Valvoline repackaged) and I
>>haven't seen the light since (about 5,000 miles.)  All I can figure is that t
>>a**h***s at Jiffy Lube use sh*t filters and garbage oil, that the pressure
>>wasn't what the car was used to.  Try changing your oil & filter with a good
>>filter and oil, it' probably the cheapest test you can run.  Of course, YMMV.
>>87 5000CS TQ

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