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Re: Temp Guage Ailment/Cooling Fan

I replaced my electronic thermostatic switch yesterday with one from a
junkyard, and it seems to be working better - It also appears to be one of
the big culprits in my FI woes. My mileage is up 3+ mpg.  The new/old switch
cost me 10.00.  With my old one I could smack it and it would work
sometimes...  This one seem less intermittent.

With regard to the after-run cooling, I'm hoping it's the other thermoswitch.
 The system works if I bypass the switch - but I'm not sure how long it's
supposed to run.  I understand the importance - heat soak in the turbo is a
major problem.  How well I remember Pontiac's service bulletins for their ill
fated 301 Turbo T/A (albeit before water cooling).  What is weird is that it
only comes on when it's dead cold.

Dave Head