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Audi Service Codes

I recently bought a 1990 V8 Quattro, and at 76K miles I'm wondering
whether the timing belt has ever been done.  The car was previously
owned by a "high profile" executive, and I can't get any  info through
normal channels (ie receipts, talk with previous owner etc.)  A 
friend of mine at a local Audi dealer got me the following 
codes when he ran them in the Audi Computer, only problem is that
he has no idea what the codes mean.  It's had the UFO brakes changed,
I suspect that's what the initial services involved. From the 
immaculate condition the car is in (not even a swirl mark in the 
Pearl Paint) it's been well maintained.  (paid $13500.00) 

Any help in deciphering the following codes would be greatly 
appreciated, especially if the timing belt replacement is 
included in here somewhere.  I've been looking over the 
procedure for replacement of the belt, and it looks like fun,
so I've got my fingers crossed it's been done already.

Lists options first: SLS 079 4UD 650 904 996

There are several columns, giving exact date and mileage, 
repair order #, dealer number etc. which I'm not listing,
but these are the Service Operations, in chronological order
from a few months after delivery until March of 1995.

W2-SCA1, AM-0307, AM-0315, W2-4405, W2-4605, W2-1705
AM-9227, W2-1580, AM-0322, W2-9135, W2-2022, W2-4057
AM-0322, W2-4898, W2-7215, AM-4405, AM-9227, AM-0330
AM-9227, W2-4636, AM-0337, W2-4667, W5-4490,
0101,  W5-2830,  010,9715, (THEN A FEW MORE 0101'S)

If anyone has a clue as to what these might mean, or where I 
might be able to find out, please let me know. I've been trying
in vain for weeks to get this info direct from Audi. I'm guessing
that the "W" operations must be Warranty, but some of those
operations were performed by the dealer at 68000 miles and
four years after delivery. 



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