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Re: FS: 1987 5k parts...

02-10-96  07:35
 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com writes:

 Au> Well, Allstate has finally made me an offer for my totalled '87 5k ...
 Au> while it's more than I expected and/or originally hoped to get
 Au> ($5,389.50), it's a bit short of what I figured I could negotiate them

              <<deletia of list of parts ect.>>

     I may be wrong...but the insurance company will own the 
     car as soon as they pay you.  IF you want to sell/remove
     anything from the car you'll have to buy the car back from
     them.  If the car has already been inspected, I've seen 
     instances (a friend changed the wheels on his Beemer before
     they picked it up) where the insurance company will stop
     payment and start the whole process over again because  
     you have removed something they have "bought".

     Of course none of this applies if the car hasn't been declared
     totaled, and the insurance company is paying to repair the
     damages. But, at over 5g's, it definitly sounds like a
     totaled settlement to me.

     Too bad you didn't post this last week, a local dealer
     offered me a beautiful 87 5KS for $800. (It needed some
     front end work and had 250K miles.)  You could have been
     on the road again with parts and cash to spare.

   Good luck,

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