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Re: Audi needs more power

> Audi can do the most popular way of using alum these days -- get the 
> front hood, trunk hood, and the doors out of alum, with some more alum 
> parts here and there to keep the weight down. 

even better.  some of the suspension members are made of aluminum for
low unsprung weight.  definitely a spinoff from the a8.  it's details
like that that make the a4 such a delight, especially when the mass
buying public doesn't notice or care.
> But what I worry about the upcoming new A6/S6 is not on the technology in 
> particular, but on the styling dept. I sure hope Audi don't get on the 
> "hip" styling of bug eyed uglies dept.

what????  they are on a roll here.  the a4 is the most beautiful
"bubble" shaped car that i have seen, all indications are that the a8
is just a beautiful in the flesh (graydon?) so the chances are that
the new a6 should be just a good.