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A6 styling re A4/A8

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Eliot Lim wrote:

> even better.  some of the suspension members are made of aluminum for
> low unsprung weight.  definitely a spinoff from the a8.  it's details
> like that that make the a4 such a delight, especially when the mass
> buying public doesn't notice or care.

Take a look at the Plymouth Prowler when you get a chance.  That is
Chrysler's first foray into aluminum vehicle building.  They did it as an
exercise in building aluminum cars.  (They couldn't justify the car on
marketing, since the Viper had already more than achieved that objective)
Virtually every major part is aluminum, unless there was a very good
reason not to make it Al.  Oddly enough, the block is iron, but an Al
block is on its way.  Even the brake rotors are al! We've been seeing
these al rotors at SAE shows for years, but noone has had themoney or the
gumption to actually do it.  The Prowler ends up with a shorter stopping
distance than a Viper as a result of the lowered rotating inertia! 

> > particular, but on the styling dept. I sure hope Audi don't get on the 
> > "hip" styling of bug eyed uglies dept.
> what????  they are on a roll here.  the a4 is the most beautiful
> "bubble" shaped car that i have seen, all indications are that the a8
> is just a beautiful in the flesh (graydon?) so the chances are that
> the new a6 should be just a good.

Eliot, I tihnk we are reasonably safe here.  The A8 is indeed a beautiful 
car, and the A4 took many of its styling cues from the A8.  I fully 
expect the new A6 to look as good as the A8 adn A4, if not better.  My 
only concern is that they might let that guy that designed the TT lose on 
the A6.  THAT would be a disaster!  It could even end up looking like a 
ehcsroP! (Heaven Forbid:-)

Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
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