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Re: Audi car designs

> > But what I worry about the upcoming new A6/S6 is not on the technology in 
> > particular, but on the styling dept. I sure hope Audi don't get on the 
> > "hip" styling of bug eyed uglies dept.
> what????  they are on a roll here.  the a4 is the most beautiful
> "bubble" shaped car that i have seen, all indications are that the a8
> is just a beautiful in the flesh (graydon?) so the chances are that
> the new a6 should be just a good.

Yeah, A4 is certainly beautifully drawn. But who knows? Look at the new 
MB E-class. Would you have guessed from previous MBs that they'll take 
this new bug-eye fasion? Just like some other people have pointed out, it 
would be cool if AUdi stayed with A4/A8 theme. Just pray to the AUdi god 
that they won't let loose the whoever design the TT/TTS into the A6 
aesthetics design department. Sorry to say, TT/TTS is butt-ugly to me.

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