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New struts

        I am putting on new front struts on my '90 100 Q.. The local dealer
( whom I usially get my work done by ) says that I need :

Bearings ( strut I assume ) $ 50
Inserts  ( KYB )            $120
Stops + Covers ( ? )        $ 50
Clips    ( ? )              $ 15 to 20

Labor ( 4 - hrs. )          $228

Alignment ( Front Only )    $ 34

                           ~ 500   For Front ONLY

Apparently, they usially do NOT do alignment, but I requested it, because
the front alignment is not ok. 

I do not know about the rest. I talked to an independant shop, Poudre Sports
Car ( they do mostly BMW's, but they still do a fair share of Audis. They
said that unless the bearings were shot, they normally wouldn't do them -
they said that this was a much more complex procedure that took a lot of time. 

My questions are :
- are these ok prices? 
- Should I go ahead and get the bearings replaced? The car has about  80-82k
Miles on it. 
- Should I go ahead and get the rear struts/shocks ( what is the
difference, anyway? ) replaced at the same time? If I don't, I will have the
OEM shocks in the rear, and KYB or Boge in the front.
- Would it be a good idea to get new springs at the same time? I am looking
at slightly sportier springs, probably progressive rate. The Dealer's
service people said they could put new springs in for no extra charge, since
the whole assembly would be dissassembled anyway. 
- Boge Turbo or Pro gas? KYB?  How do these last in comparison to each other
/ OEM?
- Should I get all four wheels aligned instead of just the front? I would
imagine that tis would be a good idea.. I do not think they have been
aligned in a LONG time, and after years of semi-off road driving/curb
clipping/pot hole hitting I would imagine that it would help a lot.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for any comments/experiences that may
help me on my current Audi-god-sacrifice.