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    Basically, my other current Audi problem, is that my sunroof is *#%&ed.
My dad borrowed my car, and put on some cheap ski-racks, and they depressed
the sunroof from the top, about 1/4" down into the roof. You couldn't see
any difference from in the car, but the thing is just popped-down. Now it
will tilt up, but not slide back unless you press it down from the outside.
The dealer says that the right lifter is broken, and it will cost about $150
to fix that; however that it may need an 'overhaul', which would probably
cost $350-400. Ouch! 
    Has anyone dealt with a broken sunroof like this? What can I do about it? 
    What is an 'overhaul'? Do they replace the somewhat flaky motor, fix the
miscellanious parts? What? 

thanks in advance - Summer is approaching!!