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And I though I wanted a Jag

I bought a 1990 200Q sedan about a year ago.  94K on it but spotless with
all records.  Purchased Dunlop A6D2s and went with Crutchfield for Kenwood
AM/FM/Tapeplayer and remoted 7 disk CD Rom.  I've shared what I know about
the latter installation with a few others on in the group.

Some questions:

1.  Want to get a quattro wagon 20 valve, cira about 1991-92.  It this more
desirable than the normal 10 valve jobbie?  I'm a mechanical engineer but I
haven't had the exposure to the group long enough to filter out pros and cons.

2.  Occasionally, the oil pressure warning lamp comes on (normally within
the first five minutes of driving and, most often when we hit a small bump
in the road.)  The analog oil gauge looks fine and presume that it's just an
intermittant.  We've had the senson replaced but that didn't cure the
problem.  Any suggestions???

3.  Just an observation.  We also have a VW Quantum Syncro wagon.  Found out
eary on that the high tension lead into the distributor cap seems to have a
crimp-on cap that creates electrolysis with the cap fitting, and it corrodes
and cannot be removed, necessitating complete cap replacement.  Suggest that
you get this puppy out if you can, clean and lub. with WD-40 about every 10K.

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