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Re: Surging idle

In a message dated 96-02-29 16:52:31 EST, you write:

>As a side question, is there someone with an idle Mac 11-C ECU who might 
>be willing to loan it long enough to plug it in to see if that solves the 
>problem before I lay out big bucks buy another one (preferably used)?

Hmmmmm.... Maybe not so good down in FLA.....  Have your mechanic ck the idle
stabilizer Bob, Like clean it 6 times with some carb cleaner reinstall and do
again....  The ECU should not be bad for this prollum.....  You might want to
ck in with someone who has a code reader for the car......  The only thing
that would cause a fluctuation like that is the tdc and reference senders at
the flywheel....  Assuming you get no fault codes there, you prolly can
excuse the computer......  Go for that stabilizer valve big time, bob.....
  ck for air leaks too, does the car stall when you pull the dipstick......
 It should stumble but not stall.....  Next ck for leaks at the rubber t at
the top of the valve cover and the usual t-body to IC hose.....  Pull the
grill off and inspect the IC for any oil leaks at the end caps.......

As a last resort, I do have a MAC 11C to loan, but I have yet to replace one
for anything other than a short.......  It'll take me about a week to get it
back, but it is available....  And I can prolly get you a used one for 250 or