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Re: Weird Light interaction

In a message dated 96-02-29 18:41:40 EST, Luke.VINOGRADOV@ENG.monash.edu.au
(Luke D. Vinogradov) writes:

>I've got an '81, and my alternator warning light glows dimly when in 
>reverse, and as my indicators light, it glows a little brighter 
>on/off/on/off with indicators.  The flasher speed also seems subject 
>to fluctuations as electricals go on or off e.g. radiator fan.  Is 
>there an ground leak somewhere?

Have you tried cleaning up the grounds that bolt to the trunk next to the
rear lamps? They often build up corrosion on the early series 4000s; also
inspect your backing plates(that hold the bulbs), if water makes it's way
into the taillamps corrosion will render the plates junk. Very popular on
Coupe GT's....
I'm presuming your car's charging system is up to spec.

-Hope this helps,
-Chris Semple
'84 4000q