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I need my A/C part III

Hello again-

Took my car to a friend of the Fam.  Who checked out the AC system in my 
86-4000 quattro.  Used some sort of die and black light.... sure enough 
my condensor has meny little leaks :(

So he called Audi :(  and gave me a price of about $160~190 to replace 
and fill the car with freon.... and a price of about $700 for parts.

So please if any one has a really good AC condesor off an 86-4kQ 
(question will a non-Q one work???)  please post me ASAP!!!!

Or if any one knows of a after-market unit plese send me info....

Or any of our Q people in the birth place of my car (Germeny) that can 
send it over at a better price please plese please e-mail.....

Thanks to all, to all drive a Quattro!!!!