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Re: Intermittent Boost

In a message dated 96-08-25 13:48:17 EDT, you write:

<< a) Is this potentially a way of monitoring for things such as hose and 
    intercooler damage, and turbo vane damage, before the consequences of
    produce much more serious damage/symptoms?  I.e., would it work and
    useful results?
 b) If it does, is there a way we can (easily and cheaply) establish 
    benchmarks for the duty cycles in all of Audi's servo boost
 I'm going to be discussing this at the UK quattro Club's September meetings,

 and I'll run it past the experts at BRM on Wednesday.  They have quite a few

 cars hanging around, and a stunning "instant fab" capability. 
Well, the absolute best way to ck turbo vane damage would be to periodically
pull the hose off and ck it for leaks, and at the same time, ck the side play
in the turbo bearing....  Me, I have had the T1 LED installed for a couple
years, and yes, it is an effective diagnostic tool, not only for leakage, but
for the adj of the WG preload spring....   

Basically the DC of the WG Freq Valve should be adj so that it (LED) blinks
most of the time on boost.....  If it doesn't, then the WG Spring is too
stiff for the effective boost.....