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Clutch: Do I need a new one?

Last night I was driving and pressed on the clutch pedal and it fell to
the bottom of the floor.  It's hydraulic and there is no pressure.  I
pulled to the side of the road and pulled on the clutch pedal and it goes
up and stays in place.  If you push on it, it will fall.  Do I need a new
clutch? 149,000 miles on the car and I don't know when and if the clutch
was ever changed, since I'm the 3rd owner and bought the car at the dealer
auction with no records.  It's as if there is no hydraulic pressure or
linkage.  Is there such thing as a High Performance clutch?  What should I
get, because I need it quick because I'm leaving the country for the
Philippines for a month and a half and I know my mechanic will not keep
the car for that long without charging me? 

There were no variations in the way the clutch felt in the last 2 1/2
years I've owned the car, giving me no indications the clutch was going
out.  The clutch never slipped or anything.  My date was not impressed.

Nathan Belo
'88 90 Q Sitting on the mechanic's lot to be worked on Monday morning.