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Re: Clutch: Do I need a new one?

While you might need a new clutch, the symptom you describe is more 
related to the loss of hydraulic pressure then it is directly to a bad 
pressure plate, clutch disk, etc.

first thing to check in the brake proportioning valve fluid reservoir 
located in the back of the engine compartment on the driver's side.  Is 
there fluid in there at least to the "min" level marked on the 
reservoir.  If the answer is "no" you most likely need a new 
proportioning valve and then see if you can re-pressurize the clutch by 
pressure bleeding everything.  Apparently, gravity bleedings does not 
always work on these beasties.

If you have plenty of fluid in the reservoir, the next likely culprit is 
the slave and master cylinders.  Having recently replaced both of mine, 
my advice would be to get them both done at once and be done with it.  

But it is probably time to think about how long you want to keep the car 
if you think it might need a clutch ($750 and up depending on where its 
done) master and slave cylinders, and/or proportioning valves.

Bill Murin
87 4 kq 161,000 miles
new clutch, master, slave and proportioning valve