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Re: A4 & Alpine CD Changer

On Dec 5,  9:57am, Mark Quinn/HNS wrote:
> Subject: Re: A4 & Alpine CD Changer
> jayclee writes:
> >Does anyone know if an Alpine CHM-S601 CD changer can be plugged
> > into an A4's "prewired" setup?
> The answer (unfortunately) is NO it won't work.  There is a company
> that Auto Stereo dlrs go to to get harness adapters for this
> sort of thing but when I called them they said they would not have
> an adapter until sometime Q1 1997!  Plus it (apparently) is not a
> simple  wiring change, but requires some electronics & would cost
> $70 to $100.   I gave up and bought the Audi changer from my
dealer. >I got it for $595,  plus $25 for the mounting bracket.  I
figured it
> cost me ~$200 extra, but saved me the installation hassles and
> without my 'tunes' for 4  months.

It also got you a 3 year warranty, as the Audi changer is covered
by car's warranty.

The name of the (or, at least, a) company that was working on
an adapter is Peripheral Interface Electronics.  They have
an 800 number.  They were supposed to have an adapter ready
for sale by this past summer; not sure if they have it or

There has been a LOT of talk about this, please check the
archives; PIE's telephone number should be there.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q