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The merits of the A6QW with a new model around the corner

I really want a new quattro wagon and with the national ad promotion, 
never seen soooo many A6QW on dealer lots.  A dealer in Atlanta has 5 
when in the past this guy would be lucky to have one every six months!

Anyway, I am not holding my breath for the new Passat wagon since its 
debut in the US continues to be delayed, and figure the new style A6QW 
coming out (in '98?) is going to be new and improved and even more $$. 

So is anybody happy with their A6QW?  Is it better than the 100CSQW? 
Will I be kicking myself two years from now when compared to the new 
model design?  My wife is going to "allow" this purchase based on an 
agreement that we will keep this car for a long time and own it.  She 
is not into a new car every three years, unfortunately!! Appreciate any 

89 200tqw (for sale if anybody is interested)