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Re: Wheel Fantasy

In a message dated 96-12-12 06:35:13 EST, you write:

<< >     According to the 1995 MAST Fitment Guide published by Michelin North
 >     America,
 >     "When the mounting face is toward the wheel's streetside, the wheel
 >     has POSITIVE offset.  Negative offset occurs when the mounting face is
 >     closer to the brake side of the wheel."

 >     Therefore, the lowriders have NEGATIVE offset and our Audis have
 >     POSITIVE offset.
 Wrong ... see above.  Or just order some custom-made wheels for your 5ktq
 and be sure to specify that you want "positive" offset...  ;^)
 > With all of the wheel discussions here we should be carefull that the
 terminoligy is common and correct.  Do > you have a different source that
 states the opposite??
 Agreed.  I can cite several sources but the only commonly available one is
 Fred Puhn's "How to Make Your Car Handle" by HP Books: check out Figure 34A
 on p. 126.  BTW, this is a good primer on the subject ... not very detailed
 with regard to design or racing applications but it explains the terms and
 concepts involved pretty clearly and concisely.
  >>Jeff is correct....  
Audi cars have the wheel center to the outside (fender side) of the wheel,
and are by definition NEGATIVE OFFSET wheels, all of the stock audis use
negative offset...  You can go more positive, 20mm with a 8 inch wheel is a
LOT of "positive" to put in a q....  I assure you, jeff should know....