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Re: OEM vs. generic floormats ('90 V8Q)

>I had some worn out original equipment Floor mats in my V8 and lived with
>them for a while.  Those cheap Auto supply store univeral fit floor mats are
>just that --cheap, thin and not trimmed to fit your car correctly.  What your
>dealer has, or should have are the LLyod's floor mats.  Very superior, and
>now with better clips for attaching to the padded carpet base mats.

I agree!  Kent Anderson just shipped me a new set of the 'LLOYDS'
mats to go into my Coupe Q.  They say QUATTRO on them.  They are
great mats. 

>Originals had the Audi rings, but I'm not sure you
>can still get those aftermarket, due to licensing agreements.

True... you cannot get the rings, but you can get Quattro or
whatever else you want I suppose.



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