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Re: A4 Remote Locks

In article <329CCF74.7C8C@europa.com> you write:
>is which in the dark.  The system works fine, although "remote" has to
>be pretty close; you walk up to the car and press the button rather than
>zap it while you cross the parking lot.   Works fine in temperatures

How much range do you want from it?  I personally REALLY like the idea of
a remote that you have to be near the car to use.  I installed an alarm in
my RX-7 years ago -- mostly to get remote lock/unlock (the drivers door
lock had gotten munged from use of an inaccurately-cut key).  I ended up
winding the remote antenae on the alarm up into a little ball to cut down
the range.  On several occasions people would come into wherever I was and
tell me my alarm was going on and off.  Sitting just right sometimes would
press the button, and the range was too much.

Consider it a feature.  There was an alert going around about how some
theives were stealing keys that had these remotes on them, then would go
around parking lots pushing them to locate the car the key belonged to.
I very much like the idea of it having only a 10-foot range.

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