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The "other" first gear

ScharfR@aol.com wrote:
> The bottom line is that you have to decide if you trust pyrotechnics in the
> proximity of loved ones.  I'm a fan of seat belts as the first line of
> defence if events are no longer under my control.  But I'll take my chances
> (and the chances of my loved ones) with a well designed air bag, as a back
> up, every time.  Considering the huge variety of accidents, and the
> unpredictable nature of same,  I'd keep the air bags active in any car, any
> location.

Simple and sage advice.  The ether has been heavy lately with
hankie-wringing over air bags, when to disengage ABS, what to do
descending an icy hill, and so on.  At the risk of belaboring the
obvious, the most important consideration with any of these weighty
matters is that drivers, after fastening their seatbelts, need to engage
the most important gear of all -- their brains.