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Re: Igor's Odyssey

Hello, virtual club!

I have received an overwhelming responce (about 30 messages), which I have
just finished sorting out. A great number of listers offered tips, layed out
the route and offered to meet with us and be our guides, while we are in
their area. Our wonderfull Q-list is such a great way to meet new people and
make new friends!

The concensus of people in the states, adjacent to our prospective route, as
well as that of my aquaintances, who have undertaken this trip in the
past,boiles down to the following postulates:

1. One has to be very brave and well equiped to undertake such a voyage alone
in December.
2. One needs a lot more time, in order to enjoy the scenery of this great
country at full scale. It is impossible to see most of the points of
interest, while travelling at a rate of @ 600mi per day.
3. The main tourist attractions and parks will be closed for the Winter.

Also, I am reading with great interest the recent thread about a planned
"British invasion" and a subsequent cross country voyage to Pikes Peak in
July in a caravan of Audis. If that is to happen, I may wery well hit that
part of the country after the event in my next year's Summer vacation.

In the light of all of the above considerations we decided to postpone the
cross country trip untill next Summer. I'll keep all the related posts in a
special folder for future reference.

Now, just to offset the risk to be mocked by fellow listers for
indecisiveness, I am posting a new question: What are the *must see* places
in Eastern Canada this time of the year? The reasonable places to stay in,
good places to eat? We have never been there. Are there any listers in
Montreal and Quebec, who are willing to get together?
This time our trip will be a definite "go", honest!

We'll be anxiously awaiting your replies until next Friday, after then we'll
be leaving for Canada.


Igor Kessel