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Brake Problem & Stereo Theft

 Jad.Duncan@GAT.COM (Jad Duncan) asked:

> I have an '89 90 Quattra that is a great car exept for a weird brake 
> problem.  After driving the car for about 10 miles on the freeway without 
> using the brakes, they begin to apply themselves.  The pedal becomes rock 
> hard, does not move and all four wheels seems to start dragging evenly.  A 
> hard jab of the pedal releases everything and the car is fine.  The ABS 
> switch has no effect on the problem and the brake system checks out fine by 
> the dealer and an Audi specialist.

Jad - working from memory - a problem VERY similar to this was 
discussed some months ago.  If I recall correctly, the problem was 
traced to a faulty master cylinder.  When the fluid heated up, it 
expanded enough to lock up the faulty master cylinder and actually 
apply the brakes slightly.  The way it was diagnosed (I recall) was to 
disconnect one brake line at the master cylinder after the car was 
hot, displaying the problem, and stopped.  If brake fluid squirts 
out, you know the MC is holding pressure when it should not.

I don't recall the model of the car in the original discussion, 

About the stereo discussion:

It's all very well to have code cards, anti-theft codes, etc., but 
the idiots who steal radios don't know about this and don't care.  
They nust need $25 for something to snort.

There's one sure rule:  If it's NOT there, they can't steal it.

That's why my Audi and ZX both have complete pull-out radios.  In the 
Audi, I can stick the radio in the trunk.  In the ZX, I just shove it 
back under the lip of the driver's seat, out of sight.  The only 
drawback to this is that over time, the contacts at the back of the 
radio where it inserts into the chassis can oxidize.  Cleaning is 

I would say that a removable face panel is second best - because at 
least they can SEE it won't work the way it is.

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